Motorcycle Dealer Data Feeds For OEM Platforms & Approved Used Websites

With so many dealers using Dealer Feeds as their Motorcycle Stock Management platform, it makes perfect sense for OEMs to receive their approved used dealer inventory data directly from Dealer Feeds.

With a single data entry point, this mitigates the need for multiple data entry, guarantees data continuity and saves a huge amount of valuable time.

Authenticated data to ensure 'Triumph Approved Pre-Owned' criteria is met for Triumph Motorcycles

With the Dealer Feeds OEM data exports, we can work directly with OEMs to ensure specific criteria is met so only 'certified approved' motorcycles are exported in OEM motorcycle data feeds.

With Triumph Motorcycles, for example, in order for their dealers' used motorcycles to meet their strict 'Triumph Approved Pre-Owned' status, the Dealer Feeds App integrates with the 'Triumph Online (TOL)' system to validate dealer motorcycle inventory against the strict criteria that Triumph Motorcycles specifies.

Only motorcycles that meet Triumph's strict criteria will appear on the Triumph Approved Pre-Owned, so potential buyers have the confidence that they are buying a motorcycle that actually meets the criteria set by Triumph themselves.

Great for brand, great for buyer confidence.

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Dealer Feeds exports Triumph dealer motorcycle inventory so it appears on the Triumph Approved Pre-Owned website,

Dealer Feeds export dealer inventory to Harley-Davidson 'H-D Certified Approved Used Bikes'

The vast majority of the UK Harley-Davidson dealer network use Dealer Feeds to manage and publish their Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

To streamline the process of populating the H-D Certified Approved Used Bikes website with the dealer network inventory, Dealer Feeds export the used Harley-Davidson data from official H-D Certified dealers.

Single data entry point, more time saved.

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Dealer Feeds exports Harley-Davidson dealer motorcycle inventory so it appears on the H-D Certified Approved Used Bikes website,