Set Up Custom Reusable Motorcycle Advert Tags

Build up your own list of 'Advert Tags' that you can select on each motorcycle in your inventory

Add once, use as many times as you like - save more time

When adding motorcycles to your Dealer Apps inventory, think about how they'll appear to potential buyers once they've been published on your chosen motorcycle marketplace apps. The more information you can provide a buyer, the better.

With Dealer Feeds, you can build up a list of reusable tags so it's very fast to add the tags to the individual motorcycles in your inventory.


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Attention Tags Management in the Dealer Feeds Motorcycle Stock Management App

Simply check the tags that are relevant to the motorcycle your adding to your inventory

When you add tags to your motorcycle inventory in the Dealer Feeds App, they'll appear in the feed export and can therefore be utilised on your dealer website or marketplace sites to quickly highlight the features of your motorcycles for sale.

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Advert Tags are displayed as feaures in the main advert display.